Complete service

From concept through to delivery to your warehouse or site, we can handle the whole process. We can source your designs, design to your requirements or propose our supplier’s existing products for you to select from. However one of the key strengths, that our customers value us for, is design.

We pride ourselves on innovation, great customer service, good value, attention to detail, and above all, reliability. Clear communication and accuracy of information is essential when dealing with critical launch deadlines and throughout our 30+ years of experience we have upheld these as key company objectives.

Our dedicated customer liaison managers ensure that with one point of contact you can get all the information you need, when you need it. At the same time our global sourcing and quality teams are working tirelessly to complete the chain and maintain the high standards we strive for at Teemo. All of our designs are initially developed in 3D for final passing prior to sampling. This reduces any chance of errors during the latter development stages.