Through our network of suppliers, we can source almost any material required for any project. Please click on the below headings to reveal information on some of our key materials and their possibilities.

This can be applied to Particle boards such as MDF or chip board to create panel based products. It can also be cut and applied in patterns and wrapped around solid wood structures.

We can source and use almost any wood imaginable in order to fulfil your requirements.

An ultra tough resin product available in many different colours, fake wood and stone finishes. This is an exceedingly resilient material that is useful for high wear applications.

A decorative surface treatment applied to MDF or Chip Board. This is a low cost solution generally used to create the look of a solid wood product at a more competitive price level.

Matt, high gloss and clear. Our suppliers can carry out any paint finishing process you would require including high gloss lacquer. This is a lengthy process involving many coats of paint including many hand buffing stages to get the high sheen levels.

Bent, Tempered, UV glued, painted. We have a great deal of experience with glass. One of the more difficult and interesting of these processes is UV gluing. This can create invisible joints that can produce seemingly improbable structures from just glass.

Our suppliers can make product from most metallic materials with almost any finish you can imagine. Please enquire for any specific requirements.

We have several suppliers for plastic items. From injection moulded chairs to glued and bent acrylic we can assist with your requirements.

We have several European upholstery suppliers and can supply products to almost any specification.