Product expertise

Our heritage as a manufacturing base in the UK means that we have extensive knowledge of what it takes for a product to work. For over 30 years we have been designing and producing furniture and accessories. This has built up a huge internal knowledge base of information that we, in turn offer to you as part of our service.

We design all of our products in 3D and go to great lengths to specify all details, fitting type and locations and materials to cut out costly time lost in incorrect sampling. This gives us the highest chance of getting the product in time and on budget.

When sourcing, our in depth knowledge of our factories, ranges and capabilities allows for the most efficient process possible. Aligned with our excellent process knowledge this means that we can accurately advise on a product's feasibility and value considering its material and price.

We strive to have complete traceability of our materials and are committed to the challenging project of sustainable and ethical sourcing. For more information please see ethical sourcing.

Teemo can offer you the ultimate rounded service whether designing or just sourcing from our global network.