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A Year of Intellectual Property Triumphs

A Year of Intellectual Property Triumphs

Last year was a landmark for championing our intellectual property rights. In October, after a strenuous two-year legal challenge, we emerged victorious against the French retail giant La Redoute, affirming the integrity of our Barber cabinets. This triumph, brokered through the diligent efforts of our legal partners at McDaniels Law and ACID (Anti Copying In Design), not only marks a significant victory for Teemo but underscores our unwavering commitment to safeguarding our investments in innovation and design.

Resolute in Protection

Teemo’s managing director, Nick Green, expressed his resolve: “Our investment in original design is key to our international growth. We will not tolerate infringements in our markets and will steadfastly defend our intellectual property.”

Continued Victories

November brought another win, this time against Alice’s Garden, now known as Sweeek, who were marketing replicas of our Yale range. Thanks to the swift and decisive action of McDaniels Law, this case was settled within months, signalling the strength of our IP rights and our dedication to challenging those who compromise our market share through duplication.

Industry Advocacy

ACID’s CEO, Dids Macdonald OBE, commended our IP strategy, saying: “Make no mistake, Teemo’s proactive IP strategy is working – they will act decisively if their IP rights are infringed, sending a strong deterrent warning shot to those who think they can take the fast track to market.”

The Struggle Against Copying

The furniture industry faces a pervasive challenge with IP infringements from those who fail to recognise the effort and creativity poured into each design. At Teemo, we know this struggle intimately — having regularly witnessed our unique creations replicated unlawfully.

ACID: Allies in Protection

Our response? A robust partnership with ACID (Anti Copying In Design), which champions intellectual property protection. ACID’s guidance has been instrumental in fortifying our IP strategy, providing us with the resources and support needed to confront and deter design theft.

ACID CEO, Dids Macdonald OBE

Call to Action

We encourage all businesses to stand against IP theft by joining ACID. Together, we can protect the integrity of our designs and support an environment where originality is valued and defended.

Join the Fight

You can join ACID here: ACID Membership