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Celebrating Earth Day: Teemo’s Commitment to Responsible Furniture Making

Celebrating Earth Day: Teemo’s Commitment to Responsible Furniture Making

April 22 is not just another day at Teemo – it’s Earth Day, a pivotal moment each year when we join millions around the globe to emphasise and renew our commitment to environmental stewardship. Earth Day, initiated in 1970, has grown into a worldwide event celebrated by over one billion people, making it the largest secular observance in the world. 

At Teemo, we seize this opportunity to highlight our ongoing initiatives and reaffirm our role as a responsible furniture maker. 

Carbon Neutral Certification

Teemo Designs is proud to hold a Carbon Neutral Certification. This prestigious recognition is not merely a label but a reflection of our genuine efforts to balance our carbon footprint. We achieve this through carbon-reducing investments in projects like reforestation, hydroelectricity, and wind farms worldwide. Every aspect of our operations, from product design to business travel, is carefully analysed and offset to ensure we contribute positively to environmental conservation.

FSC Certification and Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainability at Teemo extends deeply into our sourcing practices. We have earned the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) UK Chain of Custody accreditation, underscoring our commitment to sourcing wood that is not only harvested responsibly but also replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally. This ensures that our furniture not only stands the test of time in quality but also in ethical responsibility.

Reducing Plastic Usage

Our Mission Zero Plastic initiative demonstrates our dedication to reducing plastic waste. Over the past two years, we have reduced plastic packaging usage by approximately 50%. 

A Responsible Outlook

On Earth Day and every day, we at Teemo Designs are motivated by a vision where beautiful furniture and environmental responsibility go hand in hand. We believe that true beauty in our products stems from the ethical and sustainable methods behind their creation. Our journey is ongoing, and we remain dedicated to improving and innovating in ways that respect our planet.