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Design is sexy but quality control is true love!

Design is sexy but quality control is true love!

Creativity and design are massive parts of what we do at Teemo. Design is our first love, and we adore geeking out over beautiful furniture concepts. Few things beat the feeling – professionally speaking – of creating a unique, stunning piece and seeing the sleek prototype arrive in the office.

But we’ve been around long enough to know that brilliant design is nothing without exceptional quality control. Imagine going to a Michelin-starred restaurant and choosing the head chef’s soufflé, only for it to arrive at the table a sagging, drooping mess – the victim of a handling error after the chef called “service”.

It’s the same with furniture. Creating brilliant products is mere self-indulgence unless you ship them on quality and on time. That’s why quality control has become the backbone of our business and why we employ four quality control specialists (including Richard, pictured above). This will soon to increase to six. Our QCs are in our factories all the time, checking individual pieces as they move through the production lines and analysing each finished product before giving it the final Teemo stamp of approval. On the production line, our QCs check everything from the shape and angle of a solid-wood leg to the colour of a drawer handle. And during the final checks, each item is analysed in every area, and if there’s a problem, back it goes to be fixed.

Wonderful design is only wonderful if it comes to life as its creator intended, on time and on quality, in the real world, not on a computer screen. That’s why beautiful design turns heads but it’s superb quality control that makes clients say “I do”.