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Happy Tết from Teemo!

Happy Tết from Teemo!

Tết takes place on February 10 this year, so we’re wishing a Happy New Lunar Year to everyone – especially our amazing Vietnam team! You can see some of the Teemo Vietnam team below holding their ‘lucky’ Tết money at a recent get-together!

We asked Phung Nguyen (pictured in red) from our team in Ho Chi Minh City to tell us more about Tết.

Q: What is Tết, and why does it happen?

Phung: “Tết is the most important festival in Vietnam and marks the beginning of the new year on the lunar calendar.”

Q: When is Tết?

Phung: “Tết typically falls between late January and early February, but the date changes yearly as it follows the lunar calendar.”

Q: What do you love most about Tết?

Phung: “Family reunions! Normally, we leave our home town and go to cities for work, and Tết is the time all the people come back to their home town and meet family, relatives and some friends, long time no see.”

Q: What traditional food and drink do you enjoy during the celebrations?

Phung: “In the north, we have ‘Bánh chưng’ in a square shape; in the south, we have ‘Bánh tét’ in a cylinder shape. It is a different shape but has the same ingredients — sticky rice, green beans and pork. And it’s very yummy.”

Q: What do families traditionally do during the celebrations?

Phung: “We normally gather around to watch the fireworks at midnight. On the first morning, we go the Pagoda to pick buds at the beginning of the year. We dress in nice or traditional clothes (‘áo dài) and then go to our relatives’ and close friends’ homes. We treat the guests with food and wish each other a new year. Kids and friends are given red envelopes containing ‘lucky money’.”

Q: How does Tết affect work?

Phung: “Almost all factories will close, and all activities will be limited because people are busy returning to their hometowns and enjoying traditional duties like cleaning their houses, shopping and decorating their homes with flowers.”

Thanks, Phung, and Happy Tết to all!