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Meet Thomas Ngo, our Head of Quality

Meet Thomas Ngo, our Head of Quality

Based in our Ho Chi Minh City office, Thomas and his team are on our front line, ensuring Teemo’s products are manufactured to the highest quality. We’re proud of Thomas’s work, so wanted to give a few insights into his role and dedication:

Craftsmanship and dedication are two attributes that define Thomas Ngo’s professional life. A lifelong aficionado of high-end furniture, his work is a marriage of passion and purpose – or, as he puts it, his “Ikigai” (a Japanese concept meaning “reason for being”).

“I love working with beautiful furniture,” he says. “My father was a carpenter who built traditional royal wooden houses. So in my childhood, I was attracted by the art of wooden constructions and loved seeing the tenons, mortises, dowels, dovetails and butterfly joints.”

This grounding informed Thomas’s career choice and still inspires him. But he is not stuck in the past – far from it – he is constantly looking forward, trying to streamline, enhance and improve.

He says: “I am happiest when I see things getting better. I believe the best way to improve is through exchanging knowledge – sharing learnings, experiences, failures and successes.”

So quality, for Thomas, is more than just ticking boxes. He constantly innovates the team’s inspection methods, encouraging collaboration and nurturing a culture of knowledge sharing.

He says: “We do not only conduct quality inspections but support our factories to improve their materials, manufacturing techniques and processes to eliminate waste and boost product quality. Our quality system is not just an office manual; it’s a guide for factories to improve everything.”

So passionate is Thomas that he is pouring his expertise into writing a book in his spare time detailing furniture manufacturing techniques and strategies.

However, steely realism tempers his love for his art. He explains: “The big challenge I have is the same one all manufacturers face – making high-quality, beautifully designed furniture but at the best possible price for our clients. The balance of design and cost is a constant tightrope, but Teemo’s name on each label pledges our commitment to excellence.”

So, from a childhood fascination with furniture to a leading role at Teemo, Thomas Ngo is more than our Head of Quality. He is a man on a mission!

He concludes: “My father didn’t teach me how to make furniture. He taught me to see its beauty. When we love something, we pour our souls and passions into it.”

We’re proud and fortunate to have such dedication and passion on the team at Teemo.