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Recycled pallet pine: sustainability in action

Recycled pallet pine: sustainability in action

We’re currently planning a new project that uses reclaimed pallet pine to make beautiful, sustainable furniture. To research this, Matt – our man in Ho Chi Minh City – has been visiting Vietnamese factories that specialise in reclaimed pallet pine.

He sent us a few pictures that show this fascinating process.

First, the pallets are collected by ‘picking’ companies that gather them from wherever they can. Next, workers de-nail and sort the pallets (hard graft!). 

Then, the wood is kiln-dried and conditioned. Even off-cuts are used, so the waste is very low. 

Finally, the furniture is constructed.

The result is both beautiful and sustainable – two characteristics that we’re extremely fond of at Teemo.

Watch this space for updates on our new pallet pine project.