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Should I go to the HAWA or VIFA Vietnam Furniture Show?

Should I go to the HAWA or VIFA Vietnam Furniture Show?

If you’re asking yourself – “Why are there now two furniture shows in Vietnam?” – don’t worry; you aren’t alone. You will probably also be asking: HAWA or VIFA? From our research, we recommend HAWA as the essential show to visit.


HAWA (March 6-9, 2024) has taken over the old VIFA space in the city centre location while VIFA (February 26-29, 2024) moves further from the centre in the north-western perimeter of the city. Tougher transport from the centre in our humble opinion.

HAWA takes over the usual March slot from VIFA. It is neatly placed between the Malaysia MIFF show and the China CIFF show. VIFA has moved to an earlier February space.

We’ve done our homework, and most of the usual quality VIFA exhibitors will be showing at the larger HAWA show. But most won’t attend both, so if it’s the usual array of VIFA exhibitors you want to see, you’ll need to visit HAWA.

In summary:
HAWA is the same as previous VIFA shows, with a new organiser and therefore, a new name.

So, where will Teemo be? We have decided on HAWA. And we invite you to experience it with us. Come and see what Teemo has to offer at the show. Secure your spot and book an appointment by contacting us at