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Now a carbon-neutral business

Now a carbon-neutral business

It feels good to say that Teemo is now officially a carbon-neutral business!

We’ve made carbon neutrality a business priority over the past few months, and we’re proud to have achieved it in partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain. But it’s not job done. We’ll continue to strive to improve our sustainability and environmental impact.

Why did we get certified? Nick our MD explains:

“When our long-awaited carbon neutral certificate landed in my inbox, I was delighted. At home as a family, we regularly talk about the planet and share our concerns about global warming and how we can positively influence this. What world are we leaving for our kids?

“That thought spurred us on to work with Carbon Neutral Britain. I’ll admit that part of me was worried about the cost and effort involved. But we pushed on and it has most definitely been worth doing. We are now confident that everything we do as a business – from business mileage to designing and manufacturing furniture for all our clients – is offset by our carbon-reducing investments in wind, hydro/electric and forestry schemes. That feels great. We’ve got policies for 100% sustainable timber too. There’s always more we can do, such as getting to completely zero plastic (we’re halfway there already), and running the head office on solar, which is in the planning stage. But I’m ecstatic to be carbon neutral, and I’d recommend it to anyone.”