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The art of remote development

The art of remote development

One of the positives to come out of Covid, from our point of view, is the growth and improvement of the remote-development side of our service. Using Zoom, email, phone and WhatsApp, we’re bringing more and more stunning pieces of furniture to life without time-consuming face-to-face meetings or unnecessary trips abroad. The more remote development we do – and we’ve done a lot now, especially for overseas clients – the slicker it becomes. We believe we’ve now got it down to a fine art.

For example, we recently developed the range pictured here for a large US retail client, and these items are now on sale in department stores up and down America. Each element, from the finish of the handles to the shape of the drawers, was the result of conversations we held remotely.

When developing a range for a client remotely, we get the ball rolling with a general discussion, written brief and feasibility study. Next, we come up with a concept, design options, tech drawings and computer models. The conversation moves on, and we further hone the design until everyone’s happy and ready to turn the concept into reality. We make prototypes and thoroughly test them, before adding finishing touches – assembly guides, internal tests, drop tests and rigorous quality control procedures.

The result is always an excellent range of furniture, delivered on time and to budget, in the most efficient way possible.

To discuss remotely developing a range with us, please get in touch.