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What’ll be hot in furniture design over the coming months?

What’ll be hot in furniture design over the coming months?

​What’s hot in furniture design right now? What styles and touches are likely to dominate over the next 12 months? We have a few ideas.

We’ve reached these ideas by speaking to clients, chatting with other designers, monitoring social media, and quizzing our team in Vietnam, who are in close contact with the guys who make it all happen – the factories.

Teemo head designer Oliver Hrubiak says: “Before coming up with our new designs each season, we absorb information such as digital statistics, Instagram posts and features in trade publications. We then create ‘trend boards’ which we fill with on-trend pictures and ideas. We use these boards to inspire us.”

Below are a few of our latest trend boards.


Inspired by the Art Deco movement of the early 20th century, incorporating cubism and luxurious curves.


​A minimalist mix of Scandinavian and Japanese design sensibilities with a muted colour palette.


Exactly what it says on the tin. Panels aplenty.


Vertical parallel lines and more vertical parallel lines. Sometimes a few horizontal ones, too!


Rattan style, giving a light, airy, organic feel.

​The images above represent the furniture design trends that we believe we’ll see more of in the second half of 2021 and 2022. However, as our design chief Oliver says: “Ultimately, there’s no crystal ball. What we’ve got here are simply a few trends we’ve spotted. They interest and inspire our design team but, unless we’re working to a specific client brief, we always do our own thing and go with our gut instincts.”