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Behind the scenes with our QC team

Behind the scenes with our QC team

As we’ve mentioned before (in this post), quality control on the production line is so, so important to our business. The best design and materials in the world don’t mean a thing if they’re put together shoddily. That’s why we put a huge amount of effort into our QC processes on factory floors in Vietnam.

Our in-house team of ten QC professionals constantly patrol production lines, communicating on Zalo (a Vietnamese messenger service like WhatsApp) to snuff out potential problems. They add expertise to each factory, marking up potential issues and fixing them before they snowball.

For example, the Zalo message above, screengrabbed by our team leader, reminds the crew to keep an eye on sanding issues around the chair spindles. The Nokia-like machine in the picture is a paint monitor for measuring gloss and colour levels.

Above: Teemo’s QC team work closely with factory staff, adding expertise and dealing with problems before they occur.

Our QC heroes are our security blanket – we can leave them to it, which gives our design team and the rest of the Teemo operation the time, space and confidence to deliver for our beloved clients.